Rethink Talent.

Let's face it, the resumé is dead. It's been repeatedly proven not to be predictive of performance, but it's been all that's available. Retalent aims to re-create the resumé by using behavioral data to build a model predictive of performance.

6 Seconds

Average time recruiters spend evaluating a resumé


Candidates are rejected based on resumé alone

2 out of 3

Employers report being impacted by bad hires

The increased usage of online job boards has led to an explosion of candidates, yet companies hire a similar percentage of mis-hires. Mis-hires negatively impact company performance, costs, and morale. We believe mis-hires can be minimized by giving companies the right tools to evaluate candidates upfront.


Evaluate candidates based on what they do, not what they wrote on their resumé


Get a sense for what candidates would do in real situations in the job they're applying for


Hire based on data instead of instincts to get people who are right for the job

Data is playing an increasing role in all our decisions, so why don't more companies use it to make the most important decisions?

Retalent uses realistic simulations to measure behavioral traits of employees to build high performer profiles. Incoming candidates will take the same simulation right after applying, and their results will be compared to the high performer profiles to get their "fit score." Recruiters use the fit score to prioritize candidates and screen more efficiently and effectively before bringing candidates on-site.