Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we hear or things that we just want to clarify. For additional questions or suggestions not listed below, feel free to email

A Retalent simulation is a series of situations that assess behavioral traits. In practical terms, we ask you what you would do if a given situation occurred, and based on your answers we learn about how you behave. We use that data to build a behavioral profile of you.
The situations differ based on the company and role to which you are applying, but they will all follow one of three formats. One format asks you to prioritize a list by which activity you would do first or last. Another will ask you to choose between one of two tasks. The final format asks you to allocate points between options based on how strongly each option resonates with you. In all of these just remember to be yourself and answer as honestly as you can with the information that you have.
It varies by simulation, but on average our simulations take about 20 minutes to complete. Don’t feel rushed to complete it in a certain amount of time, though. Just take your time to answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge.
A Retalent simulation is a series of situations that assess behavioral traits. In practical terms that means you will answer questions about what you would do on the job. The result of the assessment is reviewed by the hiring team along with the rest of your application. Your candidacy for employment will be evaluated on the entirety of your application with Retalent as one component of that.
Your LinkedIn login provides us with a form of identity verification. It allows us to confirm that you are who you say you are, and it maintains the integrity of Retalent simulations by limiting each candidate to one simulation per application.
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